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The Person behind the Brand!

Heyyyy Everyone! 



I created my brand because I absolutely love everything about event planning and design. 


I also saw that there was something missing in the industry and that was someone actually taken the time to explain "Why" to clients.  It's important to me for clients to know why things cost what they cost in the industry as well as guide them and show them where they can cut cost.


Photo Credits: 

Home Page:  Cpixaperture & ParkerPixMedia at the Founders Inn

Memory Lane Page:  EDR Photography (1st picture, taken at The Butcher's Son, Chesapeake, VA

Nicholas Woolsey Photography (3rd picture, taken at the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach-Norfolk) 

Josh Boone Photography (4th & 5th picture taken at Founders Inn), Dora Breaux Photography (8th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th pictures. Taken at the Virginia Beach Entertainment Venue)

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EDR Photography; Acid Media; Nicholas Woolsey Photography 

Workshop Page:  Acid Media

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